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The Paleo Challenge

The Paleo Challenge

The Paleo Challenge

it worked for him…Interested in doing the Paleo Challenge with us in May?  It will most likely change your life.  The changes reported by participants WORLDWIDE are radical – 30 days later and your metabolism has shifted from sugar burning to fat burning, you have more power in your workout, you have balanced energy levels throughout the day, stable blood sugar, clear skin, better teeth, sweeter breath, improved sleep, lower inflammation (arthritis/asthma/carpal tunnel,etc), reduced allergies, and a better mental outlook…

Believe it?  How else are you ever going to know, if you don’t try? 

And do try 100%. Don’t be a flipping pansy about it. Not 80%. Not 96.5%. What is 30 days really compared to the rest of your life.

We’d found out in December, 2010 that our 12 year-old Australian Cattle dog had inoperable terminal brain cancer. The German vet told me that he saw an average of 5-10 new cancer cases every single week. What? It was a comparatively large veterinarian’s office – they had advanced equipment allowing them to make these diagnoses, but that is still an astonishing statistic. I asked if it had always been that way, and he responded that the cases had increased dramatically just in the last 15-20 years. What changed? Have you seen this book: Katzen würden Mäuse kaufen: Schwarzbuch Tierfutter by Hans-Ulrich Grimm?

And no, 12 years is most definitively NOT a long life for a cattle dog so if you tell me that I will punch you. He was in the prime of his life.

Just in the last 5 years, there’s been a flood of new studies (google it) linking Celiac disease to lymphomas. Swedish researchers in 2010 evaluated 60,000 patients with lymphomas, and found that patients with Celiac disease were 5 times more likely to develop a lymphoma. How many people have Celiac? Tests are notoriously inaccurate. Both of my brothers developed Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in their 20s – my older brother died 6 months following his diagnosis.

I’m sure many of you have been touched by the tragic loss of someone you love due to one of these so called “diseases of civilization”: cancer, alzheimer’s, diabetes… If you have time, read where Alessio Fasano, MD recently put forward a proposed mechanism involving gluten/grains in all autoimmune disease.

80% of your immune system is located in your digestive system – pharmacists and doctors are telling us that all the time. What kind of food is optimal for your body, and what kind irritates and inflames it? Because f*^k, it’s important to know that, right?

What better way to determine your tolerance of often inflamatory substances than to eliminate them for 30 days and then reintroduce them, one by one, systematically. I bet dairy is fine for you – but now is your chance to really test that theory and prove it for yourself.

Can you believe it – I’m not trying to convince you to go Paleo just to look better naked, I’m telling you that I’m personally convinced that it’s the best move for your health’s sake too. Everyone benefits. The benefits you experience just might be radical enough for you to make going Paleo a lifestyle change. And then you will want to convince your family and friends that Paleo is the way to go. And before you know it an entire economic infrastructure supporting paleo will start growing up out of nowhere – paleo snack kits, paleo recipe books, coconut tortilla wraps, paleo iphone apps, kale chips, grass-fed meat distributers, coconut oil…

Last year while we were still at Landstuhl CrossFit, the following story was published with accompanying video. It struck several deep cords with me. If you have 2minutes, please watch this video –

From the article Captive Gorillas Succumbing to Human Disease:

Life for humans is much easier than for animals in the wild. On a day-to-day basis, we generally do not have to worry about being eaten or starving to death. Depending on the individual’s job, some can get by just fine by sitting around all day. However, this lifestyle brings forth its own set of health issues such as diabetes and heart disease, illnesses rarely found in the wild. These “human” diseases have spread to gorillas that are raised in captivity.

The only species of gorilla kept at North American zoos is the Western Lowland Gorilla. The number one killer of males in captivity is heart disease, much like humans. After a 21 year old gorilla named Brooks died of heart failure at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo in 2005, a group of researchers decided to examine how the gorilla’s lifestyle affect their health. The team was led by Elena Hoellein Less, a PhD candidate in biology at Case Western Reserve University.

The researchers believe that heart disease can be stopped by switching captive gorillas back to their natural diets in the wild. For decades, zoos have fed gorillas bucket loads of high vitamin, high sugar, and high starch foods to make sure their got all their nutrients. At the Cleveland zoo, they have started feeding food such as romaine lettuce, dandelion greens, endives, alfalfa, green beans, flax seeds, and even tree branches which they strip of bark and leaves. To top it off, they give the gorillas three Centrum Silver multivitamins inside half a banana.

Going back to this natural diet has changed gorilla behavior. Before, gorillas only ate during a quarter of their day because the food was so packed with nutrients. Now at Cleveland, they spend 50-60 percent of their day eating which is the same amount as in the wild. With all this extra eating, the gorillas have doubled their caloric intake, yet at the same time have dropped 65 pounds each. This brings their weight more in line with their wild relatives.

“We’re beginning to understand we may have a lot of overweight gorillas,” said Kristen Lukas, an adjunct assistant professor of biology at Case Western Reserve and chair of the Gorilla Species Survival Plan®. “And, we’re just recognizing that surviving on a diet and being healthy on a diet are different. We’ve raised our standards and are asking, are they in the best condition to not only survive but to thrive?
Less and her crew are continuing their studies of captive gorillas by measuring the fat on their backs to create a gorilla body mass index. This can be used to gauge healthy weight for gorillas much as it is used for humans. The next step, says Less, is to exercise gorillas at the zoo to get their muscles to a similar level as their wild relatives.

CrossFit, anyone?

So look at how that story about gorillas so neatly parallels the 2011 TED Talks presentation by Dr. Terry Wahls – I’m sure you’ve heard how she REVERSED her advanced-stage Multiple Sclerosis and healed herself completely of the incurable disease just by going Paleo.

So what in the hell is my point.

You are an animal.
Get sleep, get sun, get moving, get social contact.
And you’d better start eating the way you were designed to eat. Get Paleo.

More about RCFN Paleo Challenge rules to follow!



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