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Thank You!

Thank You!

I would like to start out by telling every member, both current and future what an honor it is to be your coach! Ginger and I found CrossFit back in 2007 while I was deployed to Afghanistan and were instantly hooked. We both came from a background of endurance sports (I know that is hard to believe) like Ironman Triathlon and Ultra Marathons but with our hectic lives we had little time to train. With the birth of my first son and me being deployed we found it impossible to remain “fit”. I was introduced to CrossFit by a friend in Afghanistan, our first WOD was 30 muscle-ups for time and since we had no rings (not like I could have done it anyways) we did 120 pull-ups and 120 dips. 45 minutes later, and I am sure a ton of “No-Reps”, I was amazed that I finished. For the rest of the week I could not use my arms and thought I had done some serious damage.  The next day I told my wife about CrossFit and she fell in love with it because she could knock out a WOD in 20 minutes while my son slept. So a few friends and I started a group of CrossFitters in Afghanistan. While doing so we continued to run 3-8 miles every morning and strength training on top of all the rest. In about 3-4 weeks I was completely beat down and broken.  I thought to myself, without speaking about it, I must be a wimp if I couldn’t handle this routine. I continued on for the next 3-5 months and then upon redeployment from Afghanistan Ginger and I signed up for a Level 1 training Seminar, we knew we needed more of “It” whatever “It” was.  Ginger and I attended our Level One in Stockholm, Sweden and to describe us as “lucky” is an understatement. We had legends like Chris Spealer, Pat Sherwood,  and Chuck Carswell as instructors, and then Nicole Carrol and Coach Glassman talked to us about what CrossFit is.  During those days back in 2008, Ginger and I decided that CrossFit would consume our lives and we told Coach Glassman that we wanted to be the center of everything CrossFit in Germany.  During the same weekend we met, at the time relatively unknown, Karl Steadman, Mads Jacobson and Courtney Rife; they became essential parts of CrossFit Europe and were key players in getting Ginger and I to where we are today. To you guys thank you, we are forever in your debt.

Fast forward about a year when Ginger and I were lucky to have the support of COL Cho and CSM “Buck” Oneal to start our first affiliate, Landstuhl CrossFit. During the next year we learned  what Coach Glassman meant when he said “the biggest adaptation in CrossFit takes place between the ears”.  We witnessed people change both mentally and physically because of what CF did for them.

Fast forward another year, when I was given the opportunity by CF HQ to become an Intern for the Level 1 Seminar Staff.  Through this experience Mads, Karl, Courtney and I developed a pretty good friendship. They hooked me up with an oppertunity ti interview with Reebok.  I met Daniel Hindelmeir and Matthijs Mattner in Herzo with no expectations of leaving the Army, but when I left that day I knew my family’s life would soon radically change!

So here we are in August of 2012, more than a year after meeting that day with Matthijs and Daniel.  We have 80 plus members at RCFN, Justin has left the Army and moved from Japan to Germany to be our partner. Ginger and I moved from K-town to Nürnberg, and bought a house with our “Oma” who sold her life in Virginia to help out with our kids.  We are all 100% sure that it was all worth it and we know that CrossFit changes lives!  We are coaches and friends with all 80 of our members. I wake up every day and look forward to working with every single person that comes to the Box to sweat, scream, cry, celebrate and most importantly laugh with us and our family.  So Thank You, for all of those that helped us get to where we are and to all of our future members/friends for helping us get to wherever it is we are going.


Most importantly Thank You to CrossFit!

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