Graffiti Party 21 July 2012 - RCF NuernbergRCF Nuernberg

Graffiti Party 21 July 2012

Graffiti Party 21 July 2012

Graffiti Party 21 July 2012


Everyone yearns to leave some trace, some signature of themselves behind that is lasting and can be gazed upon and perhaps even admired by future generations.  Because we at Reebok CrossFit Nuernberg are all about fulfilling the aspirations and desires of our members, we’ve decided to open up the painting of our tunnel outside to the public.


Yes, We’re having a Graffiti Party!!


Nuernberg’s world-renowned artist, Julian Vogel (painter of our mural, locker rooms, and kid’s corner) will be our Special Guest on 21 July from 11-5pm.  We’ll have our regular Saturday morning WOD schedule, but then starting at 11 participants will be donning smocks and grabbing paint brushes.  Plan on a simultaneous grillfest and international potluck (bring your flag with accompanying dish/drink to share) complete with live music and dancing (Drake will be post-paleo).


We’re planning this event with kids in mind, but it’s not limited just to kids!  Kids over 8 years old can paint (nearly) unsupervised.  Julian will have a variety of outlines drawn that kids can color in (burpee penalty for outside-the-lines), but older kids are welcome to be creative and paint their own images, sweeps, and swirls!  Bring just a little cash (20euro or less per painter, depending on interest) and some really old clothes.  RCFN will be providing each participant with (cheap, disposable) respirator masks to provide a modicum of protection from paint fumes.


Please RSVP before 14 July to give Julian enough time to purchase enough paint for everyone.  Bring friends and family – this event is not limited just to RCFN members!



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