Getting started



Our prices are higher than a traditional gym – but the competence of our coaches, the personalized training you receive each visit, and the speed you will get your results is unmatched. THIS is why CrossFit has been successful all over the world – world markets would otherwise not support a fitness regimen which charges more. Each class is programmed as a personal training session in a small group format. Our small group size insures that you get personal attention from internationally renowned coaches as well as group motivation. We can guarantee with your regular attendance that you will reach each one of your fitness and body composition goals in record time.

We do not offer long contracts. We believe that if you are not happy with your experience at our facility, and (more importantly) if you do not feel you are achieving the results that you expect, then you should be able to leave whenever you want.

We offer a variety of memberships and packages to fit your individual needs and schedule:

 FREE Trial
A free trial WOD (Workout of the Day).Saturdays at 10:00am.
One Free trial per month.

 30 Day “No Excuses” Offer
Your first month at RCFN is only € 30.00.  During this month you are required to attend all 6 On-Ramp courses, after which you may participate in normal WODs. This month is a one time offer is not discounted and must be completed during 30 consecutive days.

 Individual Membership
Unlimited classes and access to equipment
1 month for € 30,00 then € 125,00 per month.

● Up to 2 Classes per Week
1 month for € 30,00, then € 95,00 per month.

 Up to 3 Classes per Week
1 month for € 30,00 then € 105,00 per month.

● Family Unlimited
Unlimited classes and access to kids’ room
Parents and children under the age of 18
1 month for € 30,00 then € 225,00 per month.

 Personal Training 1-1
1 hour for € 50.00.

 Ten Visit Memberships
For Frequent travelers but only available after completing On-Ramp.  If you are interested in this option, please stop in and speak to the RCFN staff.
€ 150.00

 Military, LEO and First Responders
20% Discount for all Military, LEO, and First Responders
If you are eligible for this discount, just present a valid ID when you come to the box

 Drop Ins
If you would like to “Drop-In” for a WOD we charge €15 and only accept payment at the Box. Please send an e-mail to [email protected] to reserve your spot.