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CrossFit Open 12.5 Announced

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CrossFit Open 12.5 Announced

CrossFit Open 12.5 Announced

The final CrossFit Open 2012 workout 12.5 has finally been announced.  And yes, I honestly woke up at 0200 in the morning to check what HQ had programmed.  Those who competed in the Open last year may experience a sense of déjà vu (just take a look at the final 2011 CF Open workout).  The workout is based off of the infamous couplet Fran–thrusters and pull-ups.  However, now you start with sets of 3 repetitions and add three additional repetitions of each exercise for the next round.  

We will be completing the workout at 1130 on Saturday 24 March.  For those of you who are completing the On-Ramp sessions this week, don’t be intimidated.  Go ahead and register for the WOD this weekend and join in the fun.  We will celebrate everyone’s completion of their first CF event, so plan to stick around for a bit that afternoon.  Check Facebook for updates on what we will be planning.  

See you soon!

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