CrossFit Gymnastics Trainers Course Aug 25-26, 2012 - RCF NuernbergRCF Nuernberg

CrossFit Gymnastics Trainers Course Aug 25-26, 2012

CrossFit Gymnastics Trainers Course Aug 25-26, 2012

CrossFit Gymnastics Trainers Course Aug 25-26, 2012

CrossFit Gymnastics Trainers Course

We couldn’t be more excited to be hosting a CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer Course right here at Reebok CrossFit Nuernberg (RCFN) in August of this year!  For those unfamiliar with the course, here’s some information I pulled from Jeff Tucker’s GSX CrossFit website to explain.

Jeff R. Tucker, or “Tucker” to those who know him, is the CEO and founder of Global Sports Xtreme (GSX CrossFit) in Fort Worth, Texas – and he is the “subject matter expert” for all CrossFit gymnastics certifications.  

At the CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer Course hosted here at RCFN, Coach Tucker and his staff will delve into basic, intermediate and advanced gymnastics forms in a lecture setting followed by practical application. Skills will be repeated until students have a full grasp and understanding of how to learn, spot and teach instructed methods safely. Instruction will include how to scale and spot all demonstrated movements for beginners and accomplished athletes.

This is a 2-day interactive course with Q-and-A-style lecture and video presentations, where you and experienced gymnastics coaches will perform all movements. You will learn how to combine applied forms with gymnastics applications toward basic and advanced static forms. You will develop confidence in the forms and learn to push such fundamentals for personal achievement, as well as how to program such moves for the CrossFit methodology and WODs within CrossFit boxes. Repeated progressions will allow you to gain body-weight control and begin your path in gymnastics movement.

Coach Tucker’s goal in this course is to aid CrossFitters in using gymnastics for strength development, core control, spatial awareness and WOD progressions. Handouts and other material will be e-mailed to you prior to the course date.

You will be taught a wide variety of foundational movements and techniques, including the following:

  • Basic strength: development for disadvantaged leverage and basic strength prowess for gymnastics movement.
  • Parallette work: handstands, L-sits, stretching, core control, handstand push-ups, scalability of basic and intermediate movements, spotting, range-of-motion/extreme range of motion training.
  • Rings: core-training exercises, support work, proper hand placement, L-sits, iron-cross progressions, dislocates, presses, muscle-ups and muscle-up drills, self-spotting techniques, kips, handstands, and conditioning.
  • Bar variations: handstands, back levers, skin the cats, L-sit pull-up variations, stretching, kipping swings, spotting techniques, bar muscle-ups, scalability of all movements.
  • Handstands: handstand push-ups, handstand forward rolls, balance work, presses to handstands, L-sits to handstands. You will be taught how to spot and scale these foundational elements for WODs and newbies, and you will learn hand placement, core control, strength development, planches (progressions on floor, rings and paralettes).

These foundational gymnastic elements will increase your strength, flexibility and understanding of how and why gymnastics programming is part of Greg Glassman’s vision.  Want to learn the moves that the world’s best CrossFitters have mastered? Coach Tucker asks only that you bring athletic attire and an adventurous attitude!

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