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Travel WODs

400-m Lunges!

3 RFT of:

800m Run
50 Air Squats

You have done it in the gym so now do it at home:
Death by Burpees
start with one Burpee and every mnute on the minute do one more so:

00:00 – 1 Burpee
01:00 – 2 Burpees
02:00 – 3 Burpees

Continue until you can no longer complete the Burpees in the alloted minute.
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Kids Play!

7 RFT of:
10 Standing Broad Jumps (minimum of 1.2meter)
10 push-ups

Travel WODs

Business Travel?  Ug.  We are sorry.  But don’t let it ruin your WOD!  Select from the following RCFN-approved workouts – No More Excuses.

■ 3 Rounds For Time:  Run 1/2 mile, 50 air squats

■ “Susan” 5 Rounds For Time:  Run 200m, 10 squats, 10 pushups

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