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I stole the picture for Markus’ member spotlight from his facebook page.  Usually I like selecting one that his friends haven’t seen before, but this picture is so archetypical Markus – so representative of his “i want to be here and love kicking myself in the ass” attitude, I had to use it.

Markus has had the same attitude since the very first time we met him.  He is a victim of ICCI – Incredibly Contagious CrossFit Infection, having started at RCFN in early 2013 on a 2x/week basis, slipping oh-so-easily into 3x/week, and now currently is enjoying unlimited privileges.  One of our frequently asked questions by folks trying out our cost-free Saturday trial is whether people will see results with “only” a 2/week membership.  I always try to muffle my evil laugh.  I should warn them about ICCI, but I don’t.

You get out of CrossFit what you put into it, and right from the start we recognized Markus as being a person who brings 100% effort to the table, every visit.  Hope you enjoy getting to know him as much as we have!


Where are you from and what do you do (at work)?

Meine Heimatstadt ist Neumarkt und ich verdiene mein Geld als Berater für Oracle Datenbank Technologie.


How did you find CrossFit and RCFN?

RCFN habe ich durch eine Google Suche gefunden (Crossfit und Nürnberg).

Bei Crossfit ist die Geschichte etwas länger. Vor ca. vier Jahre habe ich nach einer sehr langen Pause (ca. 15 Jahre)  im Alter von 41 Jahren wieder mit Sport angefangen. Ich war wirklich unsportlich und auch übergewichtig, das Treppensteigen war eine echte Last.

Der erste Weg führte mich in ein Sportgeschäft, da habe ich mir ein MTB gekauft. Bei den MTB Ausfahrten mit unserer MTB-Gruppe lag ich meistens im hinteren Feld. So habe ich für mich entschlossen, dass nur MTB-fahren nicht genug und etwas einseitig ist. Im nächsten Schritt habe ich mich im  Fitness Studio angemeldet und dort fleißig mit den Maschinen trainiert. Ich wollte aber spezieller trainieren und habe mir das Buch Krafttraining im Radsport besorgt ( Da waren so Übungen wie Overheat-Squats, Deatlifts und all die schönen Dinge beschrieben. Dann habe ich das Buch in das Fitness Studio mitgenommen und dem Trainer gesagt, ich möchte all die schönen Übungen machen. Als Feedback kam die Aussage, dass diese Übungen ungesund sind und ich sollte es lieber sein lassen!

Zu dieser Zeit war im Bike Magazin eine Serie über einen Mann, welcher mit Crossfit Endurance  für einen Transalp fit gemacht worden ist (–mit-crossfit-endurance-ueber-den-berg/a8961.html).

Nun stand für mich der Entschluss fest, ich muss Crossfit machen!

Ein paar Tage nach meinem Entschluss hatte ich mit dem MTB einen Unfall und ich war fast ein Jahr sehr  eingeschränkt. Aber dann habe ich mich im Frühjahr 2013 in der Box angemeldet. Denn  jetzt konnte ich nach langer Krankengymnastik endlich wieder drei Push-Ups machen.


What motivates you to come so often to RCFN just to get your butt kicked?

Mir gefällt, was Crossfit mit meinem Körper macht und die Resultate sprechen für sich.

Für mich ist jeder Besuch in der Box die reine Freude, außer ich soll Double Unders machen!


We understand you are an avid Mountain biker.  How do you think CrossFit involvement has improved your performance in your sport?  

Dieses Jahr bin ich mit dem MTB am alten Kanal von Neumarkt nach Nürnberg (50KM) gefahren und zurück. Im letzten Jahr habe ich für die Strecke noch ca. 2:30 Stunden gebraucht. Dieses Jahr nur noch 2:04 Stunden.

 Vor zwei Jahren lag  ich bergaufwärts  noch im Mittelfeld, heute bin ich immer vorne mit dabei.


We love Oberpfalz!  But when you can tear yourself away, where is your favorite location for vacation and why?

Ich brauche keinen besonderen Ort, solange meine Frau und meine Kinder bei mir sind.


What do you think of the Paleo lifestyle?

Gesunde und frische Nahrungsmittel sind bestimmt besser als der Müll aus den Lebensmittelfabriken. Natürlich ist eine halbe Bier kein Schaden J


So happy to have gotten to know Mario on a personal level – the friendly professional so easy to talk to, and so completely generous with his time and expertise.  May you enjoy the introduction as well!


Where are you from and what do you do (work)?

My name is Mario. I live in Fürth and  i’m 35 years old. I’m a freelancer plumber- that’s what i do for living.
How did you hear about CrossFit?
I’ve heard about crossfit via Daniel Wohlfahrt and a TV show. Once i watched TV, i’ve seen a guy performing tire flip’s and kettlebell swing’s. I watched this crazy guy and thought by my self “uhh thats pretty cool”. That was the first time i’ve ever notice crossfit.
After that i meet Daniel an he has the RCFN wall grafitti on his laptop. And so it comes that we talked about crossfit and RCFN.
You are juggling quite a lot at the moment – could you describe all the activities you are involved in?
Oh there’s so much to do, but only a short laps of time…
At first place there’s my little family- my girlfriend Julia and our 3 month old son Leon.
I work voluntarily as a EMT at the emergency medical service (red cross) in Fürth. By now i’m a executive staff member of a special force at the Katastrophenschutz. That’s my second life which is verry time consuming, but all worth it.
Marathon, soccer games or just festivals: you won’t see us but we care about you- no metter when and where 😉
What is it about CrossFit that keeps you coming back?
Let me guess… It was the moment i recognize i cant’ sit on the toilet after my first onramp lesson 😀
On the other hand- The coaches, or the other crazy people at the box that turned into new friends! Put them all together and mix it up with a lot of fun and awesome WOD’s thats what keep’s me coming back! To me it is not only a sport. It’s meeting friends!
Last but not least, all that crossfit thing makes me feel better and gives me a better shape as i ever thought- crossfit changes lives…
What was your most memorable CrossFit workout?
Murph! Defiinitely Murph! I can’t explain why but i felt great after it!
What is your favourite time to CrossFit?
At the moment i do crossfit 3 times a week and i prefer the 6:30 pm classes. After a day of work it is a great thing to finish up the day!
What is your favourite part about being a father?
There are a lot of things… Just a smile or a laugh!
I think the greatest thing is to hug him. Hug him as often as i can, because he will grow up so fast!!

Who are you and why do you keep sending me personal information?

My Name is Nicole, I’m 28 years old and I live in Fürth.


Are you just some freeloader with too much time on your hands or do you have a real job?

I work for bci Group in Schwaig, which is a small consulting agency, specialized in Radio and TV. Part-time I have been studying economics at Georg-Simon-Ohm Hochschule in Nbg. for more than three years now.


So it sounds like you are looking for a job.  Nice resume.  Do you have any other useful skills?

When people ask me what my favorite activity is I’m always answering napping. I love to nap. And I take every chance I get. I’m also a little series junkie and love to watch TV. But I also do active stuff 🙂 I like to go mountain biking. I used to go snowboarding in winter as well and used to play golf. But I have to say that crossfit got pretty important to me that I’m golfing that much any more.


 Well, we run a fitness studio.  Have you ever heard of CrossFit?

I love the Olympic weightlifting part of crossfit. If somebody told me so a year ago I would probably have laughed loud. But I love cleans, especially squat cleans (my favorite!) and I love deadlifts. It’s crazy what you are able to lift and how much you can improve within a short amount of time when you are concentrating on a good technique.


Why do you want to come to the gym?  Are you trying to impress somebody?  Tell me your favorites.

I don’t really have a favorite workout. All of them suck in the first place but are great in the second one when you “got them”. I like workouts like “chipper” or “rounds for time” better than “amrep” or “fight gone bad” because at these ones it’s pretty hard to pace and not kill yourself within the first minutes.

What I really like are max rep strength days, because it’s always so motivating if you “PR-ed” (beat your own personal record).


Okay, so it sounds like you are legit.  But why CrossFit?  You seem like more the Body Pump type.

I remember this moment very well. And believe me, there were a lot of great moments. But the most remarkable one for me was already at my first normal WOD after the onramps. It was a workout from 2012’s London Throwdown with thrusters, burpees over the bar and pull-ups (jumping pull-ups for me). I did it with the 15-pound training bar and it smashed me. I was literally dying there and by far the slowest one. But nobody was laughing, staring or whatever. No, there where three girls who where lying down on the floor next to me while I was doing burpees. They were screaming at me that I WILL finish this workout and that I’m almost done. That was awesome! I thought, “I don’t even know this girls and they are cheering at me”. There I knew I wanted to do this for longer 🙂


I’ve seen you hanging around with a really tall man.  Is he your workout partner?

Well yes and no 🙂 Of course I love that Robert is also doing the sport because I think otherwise it would be pretty difficult because we spent a lot of time at the box. But if I have to choose a partner for a WOD I would never choose him. I can’t take advice from him and no matter what I’m doing it’s never good, heavy or fast enough 🙂


In the midst of the holidays, do you have any nutrition advice for me?  I like cake, cookies, and beer.

I started to think about what I’m eating approx. 2 years ago when some food intolerances where diagnosed. Before I started crossfit I was eating “LOGI” for about 6 month. And when you start crossfit you automatically get in touch with paleo. I really believe that bread, sugar and processed food is not good for you.

Of course it’s not that easy to stay strict, especially when it comes to sweets or alcohol. But I would say that I’m 80/20 paleo now, which works pretty well for me.


Will you help keep the Box on track through the holidays?  How do you do it?

When it comes to nutrition I’m a challenge person. I have to set myself goals and force myself to be strict. When I’m cheating a little bit I’m very often cheating a lot in the end. I’m a real sugar addict and already a ripe banana can cause huge sugar cravings for me. Luckily normally there are people who like to be challenged as well and join me for “sugar detoxes” or “whole life challenges” 🙂


Okay, so you have a job, exercise, and have a few outdoor hobbies.  And from the pictures I have seen on Facebook, it looks like you know how to cut loose and have a good time.  How do you manage to balance work, school, fitness, and life?

I plan ahead. I register for classes every evening when I don’t have evening lectures. It’s easy to go when you know that people are waiting for you. And there is always someone waiting for you. When I don’t have the chance to go to the box I try to schedule small Home WODs or a short run etc. For me it’s harder to get back on track if I have more than one day off. So no big break for me.


With a full time job and studying part-time life is exhausting sometimes. But crossfit always makes my day. There are a lot of days where I’m grumpy on my way to the box but in a very good mood afterwards, on my way back home.


I know it sounds cheesy… but I LOVE this sport, the place, the people. Simply everything about it!!


And as I’m sure you all figured out, we love Nicole around here.  She has the best Christmas shows ever!  Always smiling, and she pushes as hard as anyone else in the gym.  Nicole has set some challenging goals and never failed to keep working until she meets them.  Need some practical nutrition advice?  Ask her!  Thanks Nicole for being part of the family.

Bernd isn’t just the guy everyone wants at their party, he is also the guy everyone wants in their CrossFit WOD.  Helpful and enthusiastic, he cheers the progress of others as earnestly as his own.  Bernd has steadily progressed in weightlifting & gymnastic capability – and it’s a rare WOD now that he can’t complete RX’d.  But in spite of all his achievements, he’s remarkably humble and pokes fun often at what he perceives as his weaknesses.

We warn everyone from the time they first start CrossFitting with us, that CrossFit is addictive.  That their membership with RCFN will change their life.  Our prescription of CrossFit and healthy eating produces real results in record time.  Thanks, Bernd for giving us even more pictures to prove it!!  


how long have you been CrossFitting, and what keeps you coming?

I have been CrossFitting for approximately one year now and I still like it very much for several reasons.

Although the WODs are hard at all times I have a lot of fun while suffering, sweating and competing with the other guys. The efficiency of this whole body WODs are extraordinary.

Compared to the expenditure of time the results are plain miraculous. The changes I realized on my own body during this year were amazing, which motivates me extremely to go on.

Furthermore, RCFN is not overcrowded. Every time when I’m there I have the feeling to be part of a big family. I like the consistent social events like BBQs, Birthday and Christmas parties etc.

At this events the atmosphere is so lovely. You can get into contact with such nice people and find new friends. Even in other crossfit boxes all over the world you are very warm welcome. Nevertheless for me RCFN is the leading box.

To become a member of this community was one of the best decisions I made last year. I have to admit that the sporting activity in combination with the social component made me become a CrossFit addict.


list 5 adjectives describing your feelings pre-WOD
excited, energized, competitively, impatient, nervous


list 5 adjectives describing your feelings post-WOD
destroyed, knocked out, fucked up, panting for air, happy


what convinced you to try the Paleo Diet, and what’s been your own experience with the Paleo Diet.

I first heard of Paleo when I started CrossFit last year. Then I saw the results of the 30 days Paleo Challenge that was carried out at RCFN at that time, which were amazing.

So I also decided to switch over to a more or less no-carb nutrition. Combined with a 3 times per week RCFN contract the trousers became wider and wider. Everything without starvation.

In the end I had to travel to the US to buy some new Jeans. Thank you RCFN!

Then I tried to do the 30 day Paleo Challenge by myself and the result was astonishing. I additionally lost 5kg and 3-4 cm on my waist without yo-yo effect (up to now). J

After the first two weeks I felt more fresh and full of energy. Everybody should try it for a certain time!


What’s been your most memorable time at RCFN?

Up to now it was the one-year anniversary.

Matze came some hours later and Drake convinced him to bring some Schnaps. He bought Bärwurz, some really crazy stuff, which was also part of some fun WODs at this evening.

At the end Matze and me woke up in my car, it was fucking cold and nobody of us could remember how we got there and why.

I felt so terrible the next day, however, the party itself with such great people was unforgettable. So much fun.

I’m looking forward to the two-year anniversaryJ


what’s your favorite thing to do outside?

There’s not one special thing I like most.

When I was 14 years old (looong time ago) I started snowboarding. Since this time I travel to the alpes every year to speed down the slopes and to do some Apreski.

In summer I like to meet friends in e.g. a beer garden or to have a BBQ with them. When the weather is nice I ride my motorcycle or go wakeboarding.


RCFN takes Greg Glassman’s statement pretty seriously that if you are training CrossFit, you only have one oar in the water if you aren’t talking about nutrition.  Remember that Paleo does not have to entail eating “low carb”, and if you are involved in an intensive sport like CrossFit, probably SHOULD not entail eating “low carb”.  RCFN has an open Facebook group called “RCFN Paleo Challenge” where we attempt to steer participants toward the best eating plan to suit themselves & their own tolerances. 

For more information on eating for your health, my personal favorite researchers: Dr. Guyenet , Dr. Masterjohn , and Chris Kresser  Could you read their blogs without also being convinced that Paleo is the best choice for you and your family’s health?  I do not believe so.

There is an endless amount of other support online for people attempting the Paleo lifestyle – choose the group which best suits you:


I guess there are times during the middle of a particularly strenuous WOD when Matthias isn’t smiling, but I don’t see many of them.  Affable, easygoing and hard working, we would never think of having to double-check Matthias’s addition – his count is always honest, his WOD times are always a true reflection of his work capacity and performance.  


And speaking of true reflections, when Matthias shared his before and after picture with us during a cookout, Drake and I both nearly fell over with surprise.  It’s so easy to miss cumulative progress when you see someone every week.  Just more justification for documenting personal progress with pictures.  If we don’t truly understand where we’ve been, how can we appreciate how far we’ve come?  


It certainly isn’t always easy to share pictures with the public, but if our past posts are any indication, we know this is the kind of information that changes lives.  We thank Matthias so earnestly for sharing his pictures with us & for giving us a little insight into his character!  It hasn’t seemed like a whole year since Matthias started CrossFitting, but it’s been such a privilege getting to know him, and it’s my pleasure now to introduce him now to you.


About the picture:
The time difference between the pictures is one year including 11 months of doing CrossFit – the picture on the left-hand side was taken at August 5th, 2012 and was about 4 weeks before I showed up the first time at RCFN. The other picture on the right-hand side was taken at August 4th, 2013.


why do you CrossFit?
Because it makes me feel good and content…
Before I started CrossFit I used to go running and I am always doing seasonal sports activities like skiing, inline-skating or wakeboarding. I wanted to do something that got more diversion and that I can do more regularly and it’s not dependent to the season of the year.
About one year ago a friend (policeman worked as a bodyguard and now heading for the special forces) told at a barbecue party that he and his workmates are doing elements of CrossFit to get physically fit for their job. He is in very good shape and he explained about pull-ups, push-ups, burpees, squats and all this stuff. This was very impressive so that I was googling the next day for CrossFit and I found RCFN. I registered a friend and me for the upcoming “Free Saturday Intro WOD”. From that day on I was infected by the “CF-virus” and learnt a lot of new things and improved many things. Beside this I meet loads of cool people there and I am glad to be a member of the RCFN-family.


what is/are your biggest CrossFit strength(s), and your biggest CrossFit weakness(es)?
I thought I have timing but the double unders taught me some different. So I still suck at DUs. Other things, were I can improve, are mobility and lifting techniques.
My CrossFit strengths… hmmm… ah I would say there are exercises like gymnastic exercises or bodyweight exercises that I am more talented to learn or improve compared to others.


share with us any improvements in health, fitness, or even attitude since you started working out at RCFN!
I am generally feeling a lot more healthy and fitter … ok it’s obvious seeing the picture above J. In addition I realized that I have more energy to do my daily things. My time to recover is growing shorter and I got more calm especially in stress situations. It’s awesome noticing all the changes in my life.


Do you feel that eating real food (the Paleo diet) played any role in your fitness and health improvements?
Starting CrossFit combined with Paleo was one of my best decisions of the last years. First of all I try to be as strict as possible living the paleo style. As above-mentioned I did sports 1-2 time a week before CF, but I was poor in shape and it even got worse. This changed way of nutrition after starting CF got a huge effect on me. I lost about 8kg in the first 2 months and my body is still transforming to good. I think I wasn’t in form like this before. Thanks RCFN!


do you have any vacation planned for this year & do you have a favorite location you keep returning to (share why)?
I like the summers here in Germany. I enjoy to stay here at home at this time of the year because every weekend there are many opportunities and special events to go to. So I intend to go on vacation in october and november this year to extend my summertime. What I will do is not planned up to now.
One of my favorite “locations” is Brasil – I have a lot of friends there to hang out with. There is much to see and to do – BBQ, beach, sun, fun, good mood, excellent food – just to mention some keywords that come to my mind.

The first time Saskia completed a pullup workout “as perscribed” without scaling, it was a huge event.  A large crowd of members gathered around her urging her forward, roaring their approval each time her chin edged over the bar.  Saskia is another one of our members who has stuck with RCFN since way back in the very beginning, when we were still confined to a very small room in Herzogenaurach with limited equipment (having “always been there”, honestly she feels more like a little sister than one of our “clients”).  And in return for her commitment & plain honest, hard work, Saskia has been rewarded with steady performance & body composition improvement.

One of the things we tell members just beginning to CrossFit is to anticipate enormous changes in body composition.  No, we are nothing like your typical fitness studio.  CrossFit by definition demands measurable data, so we strongly encourage work output & performance tracking (every member gets a free subscription to Beyond the Whiteboard for this purpose).  We have the good fortune with Saskia not only that she kept a photographic record of her personal progression but also that she has the courage to share it with everyone.  And because 40,000 of you will ask if we don’t tell you – the first photo was taken May 1st 2012, the 2nd photo June 1st 2012, the third photo on October 1st 2012, and the last August 15th 2013

It is my very distinct pleasure to introduce Saskia Martin!


how did you find CrossFit?
When i first started crossfit… lets just my body didn’t know what hit it. I have always been into exercise but at a gym, and they are nothing alike. I tried it out when it came to our HQ at Adidas, and kinda got addicted from there, even tho i may not of looked like i would last at it.. cough.. Drake.. cough


what was your “tipping point” at RCFN that made you decide to stay?
I love the RCFN family and mentality, we’re all in it together basically and cheering each other on makes it an experience and not just another generic gym session.


what are you most proud about as a CrossFitter (other than being so smoking HOT)?
Lifting heavy, double unders and trying to have good form. I love the fact i do olympic weight lifting, and casually being like ‘yeah i clean 100 pounds’, not so good on a night out trying to lift people.. but at least i know i can lift them with a straight back and not to injure myself :D, and double unders it took a good 6 months to get it, but now i know, it makes the DU WODs so much better.


have you tried eating “Paleo” and what do you think about it?  Does Paleo have anything to do with your radical improvements in body composition?
Paleo has everything to do with my body transformation. I did my first paleo challenge in May 2012, and since then i have done a further 2, and my general lifestyle is 80/20. from this i have lost 33 pounds. Im very susceptible to clinging onto weight so i needed to shock my body, and it worked, and i couldn’t be happier. its difficult to start, but now if i go a month with out artificial sugar.. im fine, the same with all processed food, and at the end of the day its not forever, being ‘strict’, and the way you need to think about it if you can’t resist the processed food is it will still be there in 30 days… simple.. and you feel amazing after it…


what are your fitness goals for the next year? (they don’t have to be related to CrossFit!)
I have tough mudder coming up, so completing that will be one goal, and to get back into running is another aim, also lifting heavier, ive plateaued, so need to start my weight training exercises.


what activity do you most enjoy in your spare time?
i like to cycling and baking, feeding people up on non paleo treats

He may be jumping to the front of the line as a feature in our Member Spotlight, but this guy likes getting his own way.  Jackson is very new to CrossFit, and rather new to the world.  He is a bit difficult to understand, so this interview was conducted with Nala interpreting (only English version available at this time).


How did you find CrossFit and how long have you been taking part?

Mommy loved to take me to CF with her, sometimes at RCFN and sometimes just at home.  We like to jump around and play together.  I just started doing it on my own 5 days ago.  Pretty sure all that working out that she did with me is what helped me be so tough.  She’s pretty great to do that for me.


Do you have any favorite exercises/movements?

When I worked out with Mommy, I liked to do squats because I could push on her bladder so she would have to run and go potty!  It always made me giggle.  Now I like to roll side to side, kick my legs (I think you call them bicycle kicks), and sometimes a little shadow boxing.


How about your nutrition?

I take the all natural approach.  Eat when I’m hungry and just as much as I want.  A guy doesn’t need all that packaged junk in a bottle.  It is a hassle, and besides, I think it would make my diapers stink.  No one wants that.  But don’t forget the importance of recovery.  I make sure to get enough rest along with my favorite milk.


What are your next goals?

I want to roll over!  Like all the way over on my belly.  Never seen Froning do that, have you!  Then maybe some crawling, but that will be awhile down the road.  Maybe Daddy can help me with some of that stuff, but he says you have to lay a solid foundation of the basics first.  We will just have to be patient.


Any nicknames?

Mommy calls me JD.  I think it’s because of the dimple in my chin.  She thinks I have the same one as Dad.  But Dad likes to call me Jax (Jacks).


Anything else that you would like us to share?

I may be the smallest member of RCFN, but don’t you dare underestimate me.  Kilo-per-kilo, or pound-for-pound for my American family, I am pretty tough!  Nala shared her training plan with me and offered to be my training partner.  She’s my best friend!  So I think with our plan along with the support from Mommy and Daddy, I will grow bigger, stronger, and smarter every single day. And thank you for all he nice messages and birthday wishes.  Sorry that I didn’t plan a party, the date just crept up and surprised me. I plan to spend a lot of time in the gym and look forward to meeting you all soon!

And we will leave you with a few stats:

Weight:  3090-g (6 pounds 12 ounces)

Height:  51-cm (20 inches)

Age:  5 days

Best diaper changer:  Mommy

Favorite sleeping spot:  Daddy’s chest

Favorite outfit:  tough one, but Grandma has made me some very cool stuff

1RM Sleep:  4 hours 6 minutes

AMRAP diapers (1 day):  8 pampers


Also known as Mr. Puma, I’d like to introduce you to Eric.  He took a break away from CrossFit but has now found his way back into RCFN.  Another member from our international community, Eric has had some really interesting experiences through his travels.  This  guy knows how to balance work and play!


Where are you from and how long have you lived in Nuernberg?

Born and raised in The Netherlands however spend some time in the US as well. I moved to Nurnberg for an internship at PUMA in 2009, 4 years later I am still around!


What is your favorite bar or club in the city?

It was Ali Drehort, but ever since it closed down I have been failing to find a real good substitute! That guy was a legend!


What would be your dream vacation?

A year away just focusing on climbing the finest mountain peaks around the world and dive the best spots that planet earth has to offer!  


Who or what brought you to RCFN?

It was one of the Box’s more prominent members Andresito who pulled me in. He was raving about Crossfit for a long time, so I joined for a WOD. It took a while but now I’m hooked. Endurance was always my thing but I never really combined it with strength and flexibility training hence why I’m still struggling through most WOD’s! Its getting better though!


What is your favorite sport to play? What is your favorite sport to watch?

I do a lot of climbing in the summer so I mainly train to be fit for the summer months. I do some biking and running. With RCFN in the mix let’s see how this year the performance will be in the Alps. Football however is by far the game to watch! Im a big fan of FC Bayern!  


What CF movement do you find the most difficult?

Pretty much anything that includes a bar.  


Anything else?

Yeah, RCFN lives up to its reputation! Great workout and great people, it’s cool working out with you guys! Painful but cool!

It doesn’t take long to change your life by following a Paleo lifestyle and doing CrossFit – it just takes a little courage.  Courage is also being willing to put yourself out there in an effort to change the world – we thank Adéla so sincerely for giving us permission to post these photos of her.  Take a look at where commitment can get you in a very short amount of time – please listen to Adéla.


how long have you been CrossFitting?
I have been CrossFitting since the end of December 2012 so its already 5 months.


what sparked your interest in CrossFit & how did you hear about RCFN?
When I was at home, in Prague in November 2012, my father (he is a thai box coach) told me about Crossfit box in Prague and that I have to try it with him! 😀 So.. I tried and I loved it from the first moment! So, I immediately googled to see if there is Crossfit box in Nurnberg or somewhere around.. And I was lucky!!! I never forget when I came for the first time to RCFN just to ask if I could start and how it works.. 😀 Children were running around with dogs, Oma was doing her WOD and I knew that this place is awesome! 🙂

I have been doing a lot of sports during my life, like kick-boxing, athletics, and so on, but i have never loved it like Crossfit! When i come to the Box I forget everything and just “relax”!


one of your first questions during your trial training at our CrossFit box dealt with your fear of “getting big” due to lifting heavy weights during CrossFit workouts. can you recall your question & our answer, and will you share with us whether your fears have been resolved?
😀 😀 hahaha! Oh yeah! I can not forget that! Especially how you looked at me, like I have to be crazy to not want to get muscles! Well, I just stopped worrying about getting muscles and started to enjoy it and i have started to love lifting heavy weights very quickly, when I saw how strong I am. I’m “getting big”, but somehow I like it and my boyfriend also! 😀


what started your interest in the Paleo Diet, and what’s been your own experience with the Paleo Diet.
There is a wall in the box, where is a picture with paleo pyramid, i was reading that one time when i was in the box and then i was searching on the internet. The truth is, I just wanted to get skinny at first. I was for a long time desperate about how fat i’d become and I could not lose it even after trying a lot. My metabolism was ruined despite the fact i have been doing a lot of sports, jogging and so on, I just could not lose fat!

So at first I started to eat clean and better then before, but Daniel told me, that I should start with the “paleo challenge” from the beginning, to restart my metabolism.. So I did it! Thanks to you and the other guys for all the information! 🙂 It was not easy for me, because im a big “sweet lover”, thats why i couldn’t skip more fruit even i wanted to lost weight. I found that since going Paleo, after ten days, I have been feeling much better, my stomach has not being as a ball, my skin has clear up, i have been sleeping better and my usual migraine was away! That has motivated me to dont give up! Now my 30 day paleo challenge is over and I am so proud of myself! Im gonna stay with Paleo lifestyle right now.

I have to share another experience which is awesome! My boyfriend is a soccer player and they have every 3 months “fettmessung”. They had one in January when I have started to eat clean and cook healthier. After this fettmessung Tomas had higher fat then before, and they told him he has to put down minimally 1%. So he has eat clean with me. He doesnt eat 100% paleo as i do, but even that, he eats what I cook, so more paleo.. 😀 After 3 months, around April, they had another fettmessung and Tomas had more then 2,5 % down!!!


what’s your favorite thing to do on a lazy Sunday?
I love lazy Sunday! 😀 We usually sleep longer, I cook brunch and then we walk with dogs. And afternoon we just rest on the sofa with dogs around, watch some movie and have a lot of food on the table! 😀


where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Wow! In 5 years? 😀 Already have my ing degree, have a kid and I would love to become CrossFit coach! 🙂


In just 5 months since she started CrossFit, Adéla has accomplished so much that these pictures don’t show.  Her strength has jumped through the roof.  And I don’t know anyone who would believe that she has gotten “bigger” – sure, her muscles are bigger, but she’s gotten FIT.  And being fit is incredibly sexy, as you can see.  It takes enormous determination and tenacity to go through the 30 day Paleo Challenge where only non-processed foods are allowed for 30 days.  Adéla endured the Challenge by herself.  The “information” she refers to was mainly collected by herself – by scanning through our RCFN Paleo Challenge group on Facebook for guidelines, answers to her questions, & recipes.  Yup, Adéla will achieve whatever the hell she wants in life.  There’s absolutely nothing that could hold her back.




Jeannette joined us in January, so unfortunately she missed the Christmas party.  But I expect she, and hopefully her family, will be around for the next one!  Jeannette is one of those rare athletes who never complains and pushes herself to the limit every single visit to the box.  She knows what she wants and is willing to put in the work necessary to get there.  So next time you see Jeannette in the gym, say hello and ask how many toes-to-bar she can do now!  

How did you find CrossFit and what brought you to RCFN?

My husband told me about it first and a few months later I decided to try it after two of my friends told me how great it was.


How often do you train CF?  Do you do any other exercise through the week?

I train 3 times a week at RCFN and once a week I do a travel WOD.


What athletic accomplishment are you most proud of?

Toe to bars. When I first started I couldn’t even do one and two months later I was able to complete 3.


What is your favorite drink/cocktail/beer/wine?

I love Pinot Noir. Kim Crawford has a really good one….


Do you follow any diet or eating program?  

I try to eat whole foods. 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein, 30% fat


What is your favorite special treat when you want to eat something not good for you?

I really like to eat Boston Pizza from Wagner. It’s a frozen pizza with spinach, cream cheese and a very thick crunchy crust.


Name one thing that you want to do before you die.

Around the world trip with my family.


Anything else?

After having 3 kids it’s not easy getting back in shape. So before I turn 40 next year I would like to have my pre baby body back.  I would like to go back to work once we’re settled down but it won’t be easy since my husband is a retired professional athlete and he wants to stay in his sport which means we might need to move again.


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